Random #482

#482 is a totally made up number. I so have not been blogging that long:)

I collect manual focus Nikon mount lenses, preferably from the 70’s and 80’s. I don’t use most of them despite my mad manual focusing skills, I just love to line them up and look at them. So pretttty. And for the most part rather cheap:)

Maine has 3000 miles of ITS trails. There are many, many miles more maintained by various local groups around the state. Snowmobiling around here is taken pretty seriously.

I have never been on a snowmobile. (That was running).

Caleb is all BOY. You should hear him make things explode around here all day long.

Taught the girls how to jump rope, boy that is a work out!

It is raining.

I am back to shooting with the Nikon D50 thanks to my D70 flunking out on me. Again. The D50, thankfully, is a miracle that never ceases to quit:)

Everett and Joff are making a pirate board game, we bought some blank gaming stock from barebooks.com and we Love it. Love it. Anyway Pirate board game. It is going to be awesome.



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