(insert heavenly choirs, drum-roll or jazz, awesome news ahead.)

You will not believe what I am holding in my loving arms right this very moment. You just won’t believe it.

Do you want to at least try? Say I BELIEVE! Really loud and may all your crazy email wishes come true. (that might not have to do with anything camera related, this is okay).
A Nikon D300s.
That’s right. Finally after praying and saving and hoping for EVER. And waiting for the UPS man, who out of sheer spite made me his very last stop. ( I swear he did it on purpose:)).
Can we say that this charming Nikon is wonderfully over-whelming.
Why yes we can.
So is the 400 page manual.
Thankfully they included a 70 (!) page quick start guide.
Happily I am such a dedicated nerd I downloaded and printed out the PDF Nikon D300s User manual MONTHS ago, so all that stuff I have been reading and highlighting for the last little while will now make sense (I hope).
No photos yet. But trust me they will come. Soon.

Very Soon.


The kids goats are NOT missing. Apparently she is STILL pregnant, but the kids have “dropped” so she looks a little more svelte.
This never happened to me, I looked fat even AFTER delivering.
On the other hand I never had to deliver in a stall. I will take the trade off.


Where are the baby goats?

We have a nanny who is (was) hugely fat with kids just yesterday, yesterday evening as I checked her before going to bed.  She is safely and comfortably resting in our nicest stall (:P) and all is (was) well. I just came from checking on her again and she is back to her pre-prego weight and as chipper as sunshine, the only problem is, NO KIDS! ANYWHERE! I searched and they are not to be found. She had two, we could feel them and we knew she was due to give birth at any point this week, so I am quite distressed and upset and I have no clue what to do. Joff is at a class and won’t be home for another two hours, no cell (my fault, again) and I am going stir crazy wandering what is going on.

Where are the kidlets?



10:52 and these punks are still up…..

and wide awake.

Don’t be fooled by the blankets, they are playing peek-a-boo or I should say were, at this moment they are throwing pillows at each other and jumping from one piece of furniture to another. I swear they had absolutely no sugar today. I might need some tomorrow, or caffeine, sometimes I think coffee would save my life. I could very well be wrong but we will never know, the stuff tastes AWFUL.

Since I am up…….

Glen Beck grates on my nerves, seriously do not like the guy. I would say that I have a strong dislike for his flock but that would include most of my family and a great many friends, so I just grit my teeth and try to survive the absolute love these people shower on him. I swear sometimes I think he is the Edward (or Jacob) of adult conservative world, especially adult LDS conservative world.

Was that harsh? Not at all sorry.

I am going to make another attempt at rounding up my wild little prairie dogs and tucking them into bed. I shall try and I shall fail, but try I must!

Love and hearts



astronomy and warm weather.

Okay not quite. Not really very close even. But it was nice out today, for February anyway.

We are starting an astronomy unit in school, we will be wrapping it up with a trip to the planetarium when we are done. The girls are very excited. They are really loving astronomy, Alice even has a favorite planet (Saturn) and Felicity feels bad for Pluto, which was kicked out of the planet club. Barely begun and I already look forward to doing another astronomy unit next year, maybe taking it a bit farther, because holy wow, there is an enormous of info out there, when I was planning this I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of info! Besides the fact that we have 7 books on the stars, planets and galaxies in the house, we managed to to check out a couple or twenty from the library also.

We are reading:

Magic Tree House: Midnight on the moon w/the Magic Tree House Space research book

The Magic School Bus: Lost in the solar system w/The Magic School Bus Adventures in space DVD (netflix!)

Also, Stars and Planets and Journey to the stars for reference

Stories of the Sun and stars ( A fun and simple guide with short statements and excellent illustrations)

We are also using Enchanted Learning, Learning Page and Scholastic Printables.

Along with various other sources which I shall mention in another post:)

Tomorrow we are taking a break and working on the History of Valentines day, along with making a truck load of Valentines for cousins and friends.


I live vicariously thru the scintillating and exciting rumors told about me. If only my life was that thrilling I am sure there is no way I would be able to sleep at night!

I have always wanted to believe in a parallel universe, so this is me cheering my awesome exciting self on, you go girl! One of us has to live it up and heaven only knows I am way to tired for the job.




Sweet blissful…….

Our pipes have been frozen. Frozen solid, well the toilet still flushed (Thank Goodness!).  Oh I am not going into the whole week and a half with no water story, forget it, anyway the hot water came back on today! And I immediately put a show on for the kids and hopped into the tub. Being clean is so very awesome:) Hot water is awesome. Running water is way, way awesome.

Can you tell how happy I am at being able to bathe?

Roughing it in the middle of know where is one thing but roughing it my own home is in no way natural.