astronomy and warm weather.

Okay not quite. Not really very close even. But it was nice out today, for February anyway.

We are starting an astronomy unit in school, we will be wrapping it up with a trip to the planetarium when we are done. The girls are very excited. They are really loving astronomy, Alice even has a favorite planet (Saturn) and Felicity feels bad for Pluto, which was kicked out of the planet club. Barely begun and I already look forward to doing another astronomy unit next year, maybe taking it a bit farther, because holy wow, there is an enormous of info out there, when I was planning this I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of info! Besides the fact that we have 7 books on the stars, planets and galaxies in the house, we managed to to check out a couple or twenty from the library also.

We are reading:

Magic Tree House: Midnight on the moon w/the Magic Tree House Space research book

The Magic School Bus: Lost in the solar system w/The Magic School Bus Adventures in space DVD (netflix!)

Also, Stars and Planets and Journey to the stars for reference

Stories of the Sun and stars ( A fun and simple guide with short statements and excellent illustrations)

We are also using Enchanted Learning, Learning Page and Scholastic Printables.

Along with various other sources which I shall mention in another post:)

Tomorrow we are taking a break and working on the History of Valentines day, along with making a truck load of Valentines for cousins and friends.


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