10:52 and these punks are still up…..

and wide awake.

Don’t be fooled by the blankets, they are playing peek-a-boo or I should say were, at this moment they are throwing pillows at each other and jumping from one piece of furniture to another. I swear they had absolutely no sugar today. I might need some tomorrow, or caffeine, sometimes I think coffee would save my life. I could very well be wrong but we will never know, the stuff tastes AWFUL.

Since I am up…….

Glen Beck grates on my nerves, seriously do not like the guy. I would say that I have a strong dislike for his flock but that would include most of my family and a great many friends, so I just grit my teeth and try to survive the absolute love these people shower on him. I swear sometimes I think he is the Edward (or Jacob) of adult conservative world, especially adult LDS conservative world.

Was that harsh? Not at all sorry.

I am going to make another attempt at rounding up my wild little prairie dogs and tucking them into bed. I shall try and I shall fail, but try I must!

Love and hearts



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