Picture Post · Trips to somewhere


Boston LDS Temple

Lexington (across from the Lexington Battle Green)

Isn’t he Adorable? He reminds me of the hedgehog from Alice in Wonderland (yes the new Tim Burton Alice…..) He is even smiling although um the hedgehogs in that Alice aren’t very happy, I wouldn’t be either if I was used as a croquet-ball…….. but I digress…….This cutie currently resides at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Joff and I went to Boston for a few days this last week and these are but a very few of the pictures I took.  We had a ton of fun and I remembered a few things about myself.

1. I am a country girl, you forget exactly what a city is if you only go to one every year or so and just to be clear I go to Bangor when I need to go the city and Bangor I am fairly sure would be considered a dogstop in Massachusetts.

2. I hate traffic, more then twenty cars on the road and I am in tears ( I am sooooo fragile:P)

3. Considering and comparing Mass drivers to Utah drivers the people of Massachusettes get my vote for courteous drivers in hectic traffic award.

4. I still think food tastes better in Maine:) We found the BEST diner in Portland and I want them to set up shop in Newport so I can eat there EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Sooooooo Good. Bonus!  They have a website Beckys Diner . Go. Eat. Be Very Happy.

5. I have more pictures to post, I will probably be posting them here, there and everywhere for the rest of the year……



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