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Honey Bee Lapbooks

We did our first lapbook today.

Alice has been peppering me with questions about honey bees so this was a rather easy subject to do, especially as I had seen a bee lapbook elsewhere on the web although we ended up using for our bee printables. I confess to being a bit skeptical about lapbooks and with that said here are my lapbook  pro’s and cons.

PRO’S: The kids loved creating the lapbooks, I liked the versatility.

CON’S: Um, time consuming and some serious paper wastage.

We will likely do another lapbook, but I can’t see us doing them often. None of us likes to cut that much:)

Oh and because we had other things to do today and we got a late start these are not quite done, I have a rule once people start to look tired we quit and take a break and come back when it is interesting again, so we will finish tomorrow it should only take about fifteen minutes not including review or reading more bee books 🙂

A quick pic of the inside of Katie’s lapbook.



P.S I fully realize that my grammar skills are lacking and spell checker is mad at me, it keeps screaming lap-book not lapbook, whatever.


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