Things do not look good…..

Yesterday it took me an hour and a half to wash my dining room table. An hour and a half……I kept remembering things I forgot to do and wandered off to do them and then half way to wherever I was going I would forget where I was going and then I would put in a load of laundry forget about closing the lid and wander off to finish washing the table. I could go on but as you can see I am a total mess.

I do realize that this kind of absentmindedness is usual (for me) in pregnancy but this is ridiculous! Although it might explain finding the paper-cups, two flashlights and half my mail in the freezer the other day.




Pioneer Woman and Sonics

The pioneer woman is hosting another giveaway…….I really love her question this time (go find out what it is, clicky, clicky) As I was reading through them I began to think about what my own wish would be and then I decided, I would wish that Joff’s book would be published, sure I could wish for a million dollars or my house to be finished or whatever but this whole book thing is important in a very non-materialistic sort of way. So even if my life did not change one bit it would still be worth wishing for.

The kids went to see “How to train your dragon” last night and everyone loved it.

I had salad for breakfast, I have been eating salad and only salad for three days now. Salad is good, I prefer mine with bacon and cheese, mmmmmm. I never did have any bizarre cravings in any of my previous pregnancies, unless you want to count my fifth pregnancy, I once wanted a Sonics chili cheese dog so bad that I googled the closest Sonics ( at the time, Pennsylvania) printed out a map and begged Joff to go:)

Out of curiosity, I just googled Sonics and it turns out Massachusetts now has two! I love Maine with all my heart but the lack of a Sonics in the state is a serious deficiency.

I need to go, I have to go make a homemade cherry limeade, cry and plot a trip to Massachusetts.




Although I am not Catholic (confession #1) I think the idea of going and confessing your sins to a priest while keeping some distance between the two of you via a wall and screen sounds like a rather pleasant way to unload, much better then in a therapists office where they enjoy staring you straight in the eye and make you believe that they can read your mind…..so uncomfortable……anyway the Internet is not my first place of choice to confess my sins, my journal is an excellent place for divulging my true insanity and penchant for doing as little good as possible. BUT today I feel the need to confess here, mostly because of my last post, where I announced that I am pregnant, I was sarcastic and did not give the trumpets and fanfare such news deserves…….fora reason……I didn’t want to be pregnant, I have been in a state of denial and all right I will say it, some bitterness and anger. But something happened a few days ago and now well now I am grateful for my opportunity to be able to welcome this child into our home, I feel blessed and happy. I am sorry little one, forgive me.



No post title, I am woefully UNclever today, BUT Happy, Happy news is (are?) included in todays random nonsense:)

It is spring, homeschool is down to the bare minimum, I have been in a wretched slump (not depressed, in a slump, there IS a difference) But since I have determined to be overwhelmingly happy, giddy and joyful about it, I suppose that I am ready to say that I am…….Pregnant. That is right we are expecting our seventh child. I don’t really like making these kind of announcements until we enter in the safe months but since it appears everyone knows already, well why not! I had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is perfect, and since the children knew even before I did I never had the opportunity to keep it a secret from them, they all want a baby brother:) We will see if they are right about this also.

So my slump is due to being pregnant, my lack of posts, my constant cat-napping and overall inattentiveness. Today, according to my due date anyway, I am officially in my second trimester, oh yes, I am due in the beginning of October.

Okay so now that that is taken care we can move on to weightier subjects like why do people driving south on the freeway speed and why do people driving north on the freeway crawl along at barely the speed limit? This has been bugging me (did I mention I have been blessed with insomnia lately?) Along with the nagging question, what percentage of the population clips and uses coupons? And why are ducks wicked cute and smart but chickens are, to be polite, NOT?

I came in the house the other day to find Caleb in the dogfood bag to his ankles happily munching away. What part of the food pyramid would dogfood be under?

You might be moving up in life if instead of having a ramen for lunch you spring for the good stuff and boil water for a Cup O Noodle, seriously, we all know a .38 lunch is only for those who received a pay increase of .49.

I need to sleep.

Oh you should totally pre-order this book by Sandra Boynton called Perfect Piggies! We are huge fans and I am so excited to order this for Alice’s birthday:) also Happy Birthday little Pookie, Alice has all the Pookie books and okay sure I KNOW they are supposed to be for toddlers but they are so delightfully clever and wonderfully illustrated that we adore them.



The road we live on

This is Easter Sunday, I was sick with the flu and yet feeling wretchedly guilty about NOT really spending Easter with my family (you know, in and out of both consciousness and the bathroom, to much info I know). So I pulled on a sweater and ran barefoot down the drive to grab this shot of my little family walking to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for dinner.

(Then I crawled back up the drive and passed out on the porch)

I love my family:)