Although I am not Catholic (confession #1) I think the idea of going and confessing your sins to a priest while keeping some distance between the two of you via a wall and screen sounds like a rather pleasant way to unload, much better then in a therapists office where they enjoy staring you straight in the eye and make you believe that they can read your mind…..so uncomfortable……anyway the Internet is not my first place of choice to confess my sins, my journal is an excellent place for divulging my true insanity and penchant for doing as little good as possible. BUT today I feel the need to confess here, mostly because of my last post, where I announced that I am pregnant, I was sarcastic and did not give the trumpets and fanfare such news deserves…….fora reason……I didn’t want to be pregnant, I have been in a state of denial and all right I will say it, some bitterness and anger. But something happened a few days ago and now well now I am grateful for my opportunity to be able to welcome this child into our home, I feel blessed and happy. I am sorry little one, forgive me.



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