Pioneer Woman and Sonics

The pioneer woman is hosting another giveaway…….I really love her question this time (go find out what it is, clicky, clicky) As I was reading through them I began to think about what my own wish would be and then I decided, I would wish that Joff’s book would be published, sure I could wish for a million dollars or my house to be finished or whatever but this whole book thing is important in a very non-materialistic sort of way. So even if my life did not change one bit it would still be worth wishing for.

The kids went to see “How to train your dragon” last night and everyone loved it.

I had salad for breakfast, I have been eating salad and only salad for three days now. Salad is good, I prefer mine with bacon and cheese, mmmmmm. I never did have any bizarre cravings in any of my previous pregnancies, unless you want to count my fifth pregnancy, I once wanted a Sonics chili cheese dog so bad that I googled the closest Sonics ( at the time, Pennsylvania) printed out a map and begged Joff to go:)

Out of curiosity, I just googled Sonics and it turns out Massachusetts now has two! I love Maine with all my heart but the lack of a Sonics in the state is a serious deficiency.

I need to go, I have to go make a homemade cherry limeade, cry and plot a trip to Massachusetts.



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