My family is chocolate

As in I couldn’t live without them.

And they come in a million flavors, usually something with nuts.  ;D

Katie has been chiding me all day, Mommy you should really go lay down, you need your rest and they are constantly bringing me water, hot cider and toast, see what I mean? Best kids EVER.

I have been feeling physically loads better, expect when I stand up, lol, apparently blood loss can make a person a bit woozy. It is frustrating limiting my activities though and having a family that understands and cares about me helps so very much.

 Today was supposed to be the hardest, just a week ago today I was holding Natalie and praying that she was okay that I wasn’t really losing her. But I did. May 13 will always be her birthday for us because that is the day we said Hello and the day we said Goodbye.

I have received emails, phone calls and visits from family and friends, also chocolate, all kinds of comfort inducing soul medicine.

Thank You.

 This has been such a hard week. I know that it will take a while for me to kick back into normal crazy mode, I know there will good days and bad days and I know that I will never forget her but thanks to my family and friends I know that I will heal, that someday instead of pain I will only be looking forward to the time when I can hold my little baby again.

Thank You. 

My little children thank-you for understanding that mommy is sad and needs lots of hugs, Joff thank-you for understanding my pain and for holding me up when I just want to fall down, everyone else, thank-you for your prayers, your words of comfort and your offerings of chocolate.

Thank You.

 I love you.



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