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Random #1910 (And a Tangled clip)

Staying up late again. Bad Girl.

Just finished watching 28 days and surprised myself by really liking it.

Caleb came crying into the house today, mommy, daddy shot me! Actually Joff was mowing the lawn and Caleb was naughty and went to close to the lawnmower, so sad but kind of funny at the same time. (And he is totally okay, not even a scratch).

I heard the song Warwick Avenue by Duffy the yesterday and it is now lodged, lodged in my brain. Help.

#1910 is really a combo of my favorite ages, 10 was a good year for me and 19 because technically you are still a kid but also an adult, best of both worlds, although I very much think I am going to like 27, I am not entirely sure why. It just sounds good I guess.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Church. I might need to a 9-5 job to cure me of my weekend hate. Okay I don’t hate Sunday, well lately church has been hard, not spiritually (well that but that is a whole ‘nother story) but with different stuff. Natalie stuff. Life stuff. I am such a recluse.


This is a movie I am really excited about watching. The Smolder part, oh. my .gosh. 😀

Funny but true, Joff didn’t get it and I told him that supposedly the Smolder is hotter than anything else on the planet. Or the funniest thing on the planet. Either way. (North and South, Look back at me…….Anyone?)


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Photography, Homeschooling and maybe the dishes…..

Although the dishes fight tooth and nail with the laundry for my undivided attention.

Homeschooling, well lets see. We have been concentrating on Math and Reading, On Monday we play various math games and I will introduce a new concept or we will continue to work on one that just isn’t sticking.

Felicity and I today went back and forth on this ONE problem for 20 minutes.

Me: What is before 67

Felicity: Ummmm

Me: Okay what is before 7

Felicity: I know! 5!

Me: (silently thinking I have utterly failed)

Felicity: Maybe? Oh um wait….


Me: Yes, so what is before 67?

Felicity: Ummmm

Me: 60 what?

Felicity: Ummmm

For 20 minutes and then we quit and did her reading lesson, Explode the code book 1 and Now I’m Reading level 1. Felicity I confess makes me cry at night, she is the one that makes me question the whole idea of homeschooling and it is not that she is not smart it is that she just doesn’t care. At all. Currently working on how to merge glitter, cardstock and pipe cleaners into a lesson on place values because then she mightt care.

Katie and Alice are moving right along in 3rd, 4th grade math, mostly multiplication, division and once again place value. They are reading chapter books on a weekly basis and working on cursive through Handwriting Without Tears.

Joff covers history.

We do a science lesson when the whim hits us.Last week we learned all kinds of crazy things about toads, frogs and amphibians in general when Katie caught and adopted a toad she found in the garden, she released him yesterday back into the garden. The thing I learned about toads that I would never have guessed is that they have personality, Leaper (the toad) was full of expression. Who knew?


Oh the things I have learned in this last year. And all it took was letting go! I was bound and determined to be a Photographer, to photograph other people, to start a business. Because I was good, so why not? Right? Right?


I am so happy learning to not be obsessive about perfection, about technicalities and somehow or other I think I have improved immensely anyway. For a few years, every time I took a shot it had to be perfect, forget dirty faces and kids being kids, I wanted perfection. But life isn’t perfection, life is brutal and real and honest and full of imperfections. I am learning to embrace those imperfections, not just in photography but in all aspects of my life.

I am happy with where I am in photography right now. I would still love to share my photography, I still intend to get back into shooting and offering sessions. But now, now I am in no big hurry, I am enoying taking snapshots of my kids, dirty faces, cluttered backgrounds in all:).


And now back to find out the winner of the Dishes/Laundry death match.


Natalie · Thursdays

This must be Thursday, I just can’t get into Thursday. Thursday HATES me.

So many things to say. And yet at midnight I find myself a blank slate, tired and slightly confused. As in, what in the heck have a done today, did I finish everything on my list, where is the list?

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary”….Poe of course, do you remember having to memorize this? I didn’t mind so much as I really love his work. But still.

Today is Thursday. Still can’t shake Thursday, no matter how hard I try. Wretched Thursday.

Well what do you know?! It is 12:02. Hello Friday, Please be nice, Thursday was as mean as always.


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First Day of Summer/Fort Knox and The Penobscot Narrows Observatory

We went to Fort Knox and Sandy Point beach on Monday the first day summer. My kids where so excited that they where up and in the car packed and ready to at 6:30 in the morning. Just so you know we do get out. This isn’t the first or last trip. Although we haven’t been to Fort Knox for a few years so, you know. Excitement. Also we went up the new observatory tower on the bridge. The tallest observatory tower on a bridge in the world. It is 420 stories tall.

We got to the top and as soon as the elevator doors opened Alice freaked out. I had to carry her out of the elevator and then she and I sat right outside the doors because there was no way she was going anywhere but back down.

The other kids on the other hand wanted to move in.

Piggybanks also got to see the views.

Fort Knox, Bucksport and a paper mill as seen from the top of the tower.

A very rare picture of all of us. Thanks elevator guy!

This tunnel (cross fire pit?) shot looks bright but trust me when I say that it was very very dark, I had to jack my iso up to the max.

It was so cool and nice in all the rooms of the fort, this is the barracks and even though they had some pretty rough living conditions they at least didn’t have to worry about the heat indoors.

If you look really close you can see Felicity over there on the right hand side. Hi Lolly!

Wouldn’t it be fun trying to scale this wall in 90+ degree’s in full uniform carrying a weapon and trying to dodge bullets from the top? Fortunately this fort never saw active duty.

The paper mill across the river really made the fort look small. Right across from  B battery.

The town of Bucksport shot (haha) from the fort.

We walked around for over two hours and we where tired and thirsty and lining up to refill our water bottles, Alice said forget the water bottle just get me a drink!

The rest of the family showed up for lunch and we sang happy birthday to Sis. A. Happy Birthday!

Sandy Point Beach in Stockton Springs

I am a seal! I am a seal!

Look mommy I dunked!

Caleb simulating a beached whale. Or at least that is what it looks like.

This is a cropped shot. This nest was surprisingly close to shore and this mommy Osprey was not too happy about our presence, both mommy and daddy took to the air and started swooping around and back to the next, we decided the safe thing to do was leave. And we did. Isn’t she beautiful though?

The Fort and the bridge as seen from Bucksport.

Click Here for more information about Fort Knox and The Penobscot Narrows Observatory.


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The Neighbors think my kids are being murdered, how can kids scream for joy and make it sound like torture?

Funny story but totally true.

I didn’t finish the laundry, yep, it is still sitting on my sofa waiting to be folding. I get a reprieve though, they haven’t torn up any floor yet, I believe they are waiting for someone else to do it waiting for Tuesday. Monday we are headed to Fort Knox and the beach. Yea. Monday is the first day of summer and the kids are soooo excited so we decided to do something fun, Cindi was supposed to come also but she chickened out at the last minute. (Chicken). 

Katie has a new pet. His name is Toad. He is a toad.  She has been wanting a froggy frog for a while now but when she caught a toad she decided that he is will do just fine thank you very much. We did some research and found that toads need an inch to inch and a  half of dirt in the bottom of there aquarium preferably from the same place you caught the toad, more dirt if your toad is bigger. They have to be able to bury themselves. A toad house,  we created one using bark and a small rock and Toad loves his house. Toads eat everything and anything that moves and is reasonably smaller then themselves, we have found that Toad prefers ants, he loves ants. Lastly toads need a shallow water bowl, they do not drink water they absorb it through there skin so they have to be able to get in and have a good soak. Do not use tap water as tap water usually has chemicals that your toad will absorb and possibly die. And we don’t want any dead toads.

Hot weather has arrived, I have no clue how long it will stick around for, but after having the kids lay around all of yesterday moaning about how hot they where and it was to hot to do anything and they just wanted to stay inside and watch TV, well I ended up buying a smallish pool last night and the kids have been playing in it since they woke up this morning.  I love it when $20 bucks works out just right.



Thursday is a bully.

I wake up on Thursdays tired. Mind numbingly tired. I don’t want to crawl out of bed. I just want to wallow in my own misery. Forget life for a day. Thursdays Joff is gone ALL DAY LONG and when he gets home he has to turn around and go right back to work. Thursdays are without mercy.

So I am sitting here, too lazy to fold the laundry that really needs to be folded, because I am going to be without a washer and dryer for a few days/week while they finish laying down the new floor in the laundry area and bathroom. I also do not have a working stove because they have to do some rewiring on that back wall also,  so I can’t cook pizza for dinner, on the other hand this might be a good excuse to make pb&j with pickles for dinner, they always go together. (Yes they do).

I am grateful though, grateful Joff has a job, grateful I have a washing machine, grateful that we are able to replace the flooring and build a new bathroom. I will be more grateful tomorrow though. Fridays are always better. Friday is the farthest from Thursday. (Yes it is).

Still eating right, walking and biking. Still trying to be healthier. Interestingly I am gaining weight versus losing it. Not overly concerned at this point, although I do believe there might be a research paper titled “How healthy living ruined my life” Or “Eat junk and lose, lose, lose that mushy fat!” Or “Scientifically proven weight loss program created by mom who has a chocolate only diet” created at some point.

When I read I always start from the back page. If the end looks good I will flip to the front and dive right in.

Reality TV shows? I google the spoilers and save myself days of wasted tv watching.

I am avoiding the laundry. The wretched laundry.



Thursday (again or week 5)

Silly nonsense. I need to sleep.

Sitting on the
listening to the silence
the frigerator
flickering on
the dog softly
in the next room
rain pouring,
beating down on my rooftoop,
listening to the
of life
sitting here
embracing this moment
my seldom solitude.