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Pictures and blah, blah, blah

To say that I  am excited about my Peony blossoms would be an understatement. I have been waiting three years for these guys to flower and I am now the very proud, very happy owner of two blossoms with more to come. My kids think I am crazy because I keep running out there to smell them. ♥. Did I mention that Peonies are my favorite flower? ♥

 This guy is still hanging out on my door frame. The kids are growing attached and want to bring the poor sad butterfly (lol) inside. It is a moth. I have repeated this a million times, the kids insist that since moths are ugly and butterflies are beautiful this guy must be a butterfly. After a quick search on google we found that he is a Giant Green or Luna moth (ha!) Interesting fact, this guy as a caterpillar eats white birch, alder, persimmon, sweet gum, hickory, walnut, or sumac trees, as adults emerged from there cocoon they do not eat but only mate and reproduce. All I have to say after reading that is they better stay away from my birch trees or someone is going to get a hurt real bad!

These shots crack me up.  The second one is my favorite he is like, whats the matter you don’t like bread? You don’t trust me? What?


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