Thursday is a bully.

I wake up on Thursdays tired. Mind numbingly tired. I don’t want to crawl out of bed. I just want to wallow in my own misery. Forget life for a day. Thursdays Joff is gone ALL DAY LONG and when he gets home he has to turn around and go right back to work. Thursdays are without mercy.

So I am sitting here, too lazy to fold the laundry that really needs to be folded, because I am going to be without a washer and dryer for a few days/week while they finish laying down the new floor in the laundry area and bathroom. I also do not have a working stove because they have to do some rewiring on that back wall also,  so I can’t cook pizza for dinner, on the other hand this might be a good excuse to make pb&j with pickles for dinner, they always go together. (Yes they do).

I am grateful though, grateful Joff has a job, grateful I have a washing machine, grateful that we are able to replace the flooring and build a new bathroom. I will be more grateful tomorrow though. Fridays are always better. Friday is the farthest from Thursday. (Yes it is).

Still eating right, walking and biking. Still trying to be healthier. Interestingly I am gaining weight versus losing it. Not overly concerned at this point, although I do believe there might be a research paper titled “How healthy living ruined my life” Or “Eat junk and lose, lose, lose that mushy fat!” Or “Scientifically proven weight loss program created by mom who has a chocolate only diet” created at some point.

When I read I always start from the back page. If the end looks good I will flip to the front and dive right in.

Reality TV shows? I google the spoilers and save myself days of wasted tv watching.

I am avoiding the laundry. The wretched laundry.



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