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The Neighbors think my kids are being murdered, how can kids scream for joy and make it sound like torture?

Funny story but totally true.

I didn’t finish the laundry, yep, it is still sitting on my sofa waiting to be folding. I get a reprieve though, they haven’t torn up any floor yet, I believe they are waiting for someone else to do it waiting for Tuesday. Monday we are headed to Fort Knox and the beach. Yea. Monday is the first day of summer and the kids are soooo excited so we decided to do something fun, Cindi was supposed to come also but she chickened out at the last minute. (Chicken). 

Katie has a new pet. His name is Toad. He is a toad.  She has been wanting a froggy frog for a while now but when she caught a toad she decided that he is will do just fine thank you very much. We did some research and found that toads need an inch to inch and a  half of dirt in the bottom of there aquarium preferably from the same place you caught the toad, more dirt if your toad is bigger. They have to be able to bury themselves. A toad house,  we created one using bark and a small rock and Toad loves his house. Toads eat everything and anything that moves and is reasonably smaller then themselves, we have found that Toad prefers ants, he loves ants. Lastly toads need a shallow water bowl, they do not drink water they absorb it through there skin so they have to be able to get in and have a good soak. Do not use tap water as tap water usually has chemicals that your toad will absorb and possibly die. And we don’t want any dead toads.

Hot weather has arrived, I have no clue how long it will stick around for, but after having the kids lay around all of yesterday moaning about how hot they where and it was to hot to do anything and they just wanted to stay inside and watch TV, well I ended up buying a smallish pool last night and the kids have been playing in it since they woke up this morning.  I love it when $20 bucks works out just right.



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