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First Day of Summer/Fort Knox and The Penobscot Narrows Observatory

We went to Fort Knox and Sandy Point beach on Monday the first day summer. My kids where so excited that they where up and in the car packed and ready to at 6:30 in the morning. Just so you know we do get out. This isn’t the first or last trip. Although we haven’t been to Fort Knox for a few years so, you know. Excitement. Also we went up the new observatory tower on the bridge. The tallest observatory tower on a bridge in the world. It is 420 stories tall.

We got to the top and as soon as the elevator doors opened Alice freaked out. I had to carry her out of the elevator and then she and I sat right outside the doors because there was no way she was going anywhere but back down.

The other kids on the other hand wanted to move in.

Piggybanks also got to see the views.

Fort Knox, Bucksport and a paper mill as seen from the top of the tower.

A very rare picture of all of us. Thanks elevator guy!

This tunnel (cross fire pit?) shot looks bright but trust me when I say that it was very very dark, I had to jack my iso up to the max.

It was so cool and nice in all the rooms of the fort, this is the barracks and even though they had some pretty rough living conditions they at least didn’t have to worry about the heat indoors.

If you look really close you can see Felicity over there on the right hand side. Hi Lolly!

Wouldn’t it be fun trying to scale this wall in 90+ degree’s in full uniform carrying a weapon and trying to dodge bullets from the top? Fortunately this fort never saw active duty.

The paper mill across the river really made the fort look small. Right across from  B battery.

The town of Bucksport shot (haha) from the fort.

We walked around for over two hours and we where tired and thirsty and lining up to refill our water bottles, Alice said forget the water bottle just get me a drink!

The rest of the family showed up for lunch and we sang happy birthday to Sis. A. Happy Birthday!

Sandy Point Beach in Stockton Springs

I am a seal! I am a seal!

Look mommy I dunked!

Caleb simulating a beached whale. Or at least that is what it looks like.

This is a cropped shot. This nest was surprisingly close to shore and this mommy Osprey was not too happy about our presence, both mommy and daddy took to the air and started swooping around and back to the next, we decided the safe thing to do was leave. And we did. Isn’t she beautiful though?

The Fort and the bridge as seen from Bucksport.

Click Here for more information about Fort Knox and The Penobscot Narrows Observatory.



One thought on “First Day of Summer/Fort Knox and The Penobscot Narrows Observatory

  1. Wow, you are such an awesome photographer! I am so glad you visited my blog so I could find yours! I will most certainly be back!

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