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Random #1910 (And a Tangled clip)

Staying up late again. Bad Girl.

Just finished watching 28 days and surprised myself by really liking it.

Caleb came crying into the house today, mommy, daddy shot me! Actually Joff was mowing the lawn and Caleb was naughty and went to close to the lawnmower, so sad but kind of funny at the same time. (And he is totally okay, not even a scratch).

I heard the song Warwick Avenue by Duffy the yesterday and it is now lodged, lodged in my brain. Help.

#1910 is really a combo of my favorite ages, 10 was a good year for me and 19 because technically you are still a kid but also an adult, best of both worlds, although I very much think I am going to like 27, I am not entirely sure why. It just sounds good I guess.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Church. I might need to a 9-5 job to cure me of my weekend hate. Okay I don’t hate Sunday, well lately church has been hard, not spiritually (well that but that is a whole ‘nother story) but with different stuff. Natalie stuff. Life stuff. I am such a recluse.


This is a movie I am really excited about watching. The Smolder part, oh. my .gosh. 😀

Funny but true, Joff didn’t get it and I told him that supposedly the Smolder is hotter than anything else on the planet. Or the funniest thing on the planet. Either way. (North and South, Look back at me…….Anyone?)



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