Kids · Random

11:30 AM

I have done nothing and everything.

I have finished a book.

I have gone to the store.

I have fed my kids a cookie.

They fed themselves breakfast.

I didn’t get out of bed till nine.

My kids usually feed themselves breakfast, cereal, toast and fruit, bagels. Joff feeds them a real breakfast 3-4 days a week. I stopped feeling guilty about this about a year ago.

I am Not a morning person. I have tried being a morning person but I am not. If I have to get out of bed before 7 AM I am a grumble grouchy bear for the rest of the day. Although I have been none to rise earlier then 7AM and not murder anyone in the course of the day, I would rather not chance it.

So my kids or my husband takes care of breakfast. It is all in the name of a good cause.

If momma ain’t happy…….

Now that my children are growing up, (wicked, naughty children) they are wanting to be more involved in the kitchen. IN actually using the stove and oven. Using spices and the mixer. I don’t actually have a mixer. I just wish I did. Katie made Mac & Cheese last night with cranberry sauce on the side. Katie made dinner.

They often heat up a can of raviolis in the microwave, make cheese crisps, or pb&j for themselves.

I am confident that worse case scenario, they could salvage for themselves.

But I don’t want them to feel like they have too. When I had kids I signed myself up for a lifetime of meals, prepared (or bought) by mom. I am totally okay with that. I love to cook for my kids. For the most part they feel like I am the best-est cook in the world, I say for the most part because there are just somethings they don’t like at all. Like chili. But they like cornbread. So all they have to do is eat the cornbread. So everyone still wins, I get chili. They get cornbread. Win.

The swimming pool is mostly indoors, I think this because the kids feel an overwhelming need to jump in the pool and then come inside, wring out there swimsuits and then repeat the process.  So visitors, bring your flip-flops and a towel. Maybe a shield if you don’t want to get wet. Although chances are you will. Get wet that is. Very wet.

The 4th snuck up on me. Just tiptoed up and said Boo! I feel very disappointed in myself. Will have to do something fun and exciting, but what?

First I must wash some dishes, mop up the puddles of water, pick up the soggy clothing and towels and throw them in the washer, then line up my kids and lecture them about something, but unsure on what exactly. It will come to me. Oh I know it will.

12:00 o’clock.

Time to get moving.


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