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Random #1011

Look mommy! Geese! Said Caleb for the 800shmillionth time.

The truth is I am feeling fuzzy around the edges. Tired, exhausted, slightly anxious.  Teeny bit Thursday-ish.

I went with Sharyn and Gary today. They took me to breakfast (chili omelet and toast, oh yum!) and we did a bit of shopping. Talking.

It was cool this morning, hot this evening. I don’t mind. I was in the mood for rain today though.

I am also feeling a bit  contrary today.

Making the right decisions does not always come easy for me. Does it for anyone? Maybe some people. But not me.

Miracle Alert! Caleb has fallen asleep by himself in his bed for the second night in a row! Since I can remember there wasn’t a chance in Hades he would fall asleep anywhere but my lap. My lap. Not Joffs or anyone else’s. Mine. Praise and hallelujah.

Spell checker and I have a hate-hate relationship. I grew up thinking a dictionary was worthy reading material. I may not know much but I can at least spell somewhat decently. Stupid spell checker that thinks it knows all.

I have been reading American Tales to the kids.  Tonight I read about Abigail Adams and we had a great discussion after. I read about Francis Scott Key last night. I love this so much, it sometimes feels like the only time I am actually teaching my kids and they are getting it.

Trying harder to read aloud more often to the kids. I hate reading out loud. Hate it. I do it because I love my kids, but if they only knew how much I strongly dislike it………

I love my children with all my heart. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

We planted a small garden this year and yes we got a late start on some stuff, today Joff and the kids planted corn, cucumbers and onions, we have a bunch of other veggies growing. But life got in the way so we are late with this batch. And that is okay.



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