Natalie · Thursdays

Oh Thursday, cruel Thursday

I understand it all and I hate know one. Even though there are enough people out there deserving of my hate.

My heart hurts and I can only listen, listen and not offer any words of solace, comfort, advice. For some there is nothing to say. They must pour themselves out until they are empty and ready to start over to fill themselves back up with light.

It is frustrating. Frustrating to not be able to heal all those with souls wounded and hurting. Especially when they do not know that they are hurting, that there actions and words are because of hurt, pain. It is frustrating when people around them cannot see there suffering.

There is so much suffering in this world. Too much.

Today I missed my Nattie. But I am glad that she is safe and that she will not have to crawl through the misery’s of this world. I am sad that she will never know the joys and triumphs of overcoming the heartaches that life brings.

I wish I could heal the world. I wish I could give light to those in the dark. I wish I could hold those who feel that they are completely and utterly alone.



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