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Do you Waltz?

Do you sway and dip, do you glide and fall in line with the beat, rising up and down, in circles round the room?

We listen to a bit of everything here and when I found Andre Rieu I fell madly in love, such a divergence from what we have been listening to lately but reminds me of home.  I was raised on the classics, I didn’t know what rock and roll was until I left home.  I was also taught to waltz and I had forgotten what a workout it is for your calves and thighs:)

So today I downloaded some new music and I taught my children to waltz. I firmly believe that the waltz, the classic waltz is one of the most beautiful things on earth.

We also went to the library for a little lesson on butterflies, moths and dragonflies. I forgot my camera. Trust me when I say I was not happy with my naughty self. Bad Kristal. Bad. Fortunately I remembered in during the craft that I had my cell phone on me:)

Everyone receiving instructions.

My kids wearing there t shirts.

Last night we went to see Shrek The final chapter, it was okay. Joff is the Shrek lover in our family, although I do confess to a soft spot for Puss in Boots. An adorable kitty with Antonio Banderas voice, what is there not to love?:D

We are busy and that is good. Given a choice I would as soon stay home huddled in a corner with a box of chocolate ice cream and a good book, but my kids need to see the outside of there little world and come the fall we will be out way, way less and so this run around stuff we do in the summer  assuages my guilt.

Tomorrow I sit through three dentist appointments. Three. On Thursday I sit thru two more.

I am not entirely sure I was thinking clearly when I had kids, if I had known that dentist appointments where part of the package………

I love my children, repeat I love my children.

And as not to end on a somewhat serious note…..look what I found that made me laugh today.

(This last one was found on Ravenclan, the cats of shadows, go look if you want a good laugh)



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