Kids · Picture Post

A thousand words……

Diving in….

We went to the library today. No pics of that although I should have taken a few, lol, pics of my kids reading and doing crafts at the library, maybe I am a bit obsessive?

Felicity is a clever artist:)

My growing collection of Agatha Christie books.

Sharyn and Gary treated us to lunch this afternoon and you will never guess where we ate:D

Caleb is a charmer, he know that all he has to do is flash his cute little smile and momma will give him the world. The whole baby is spoiled thing makes so much sense to me now.

Elli is clever, this look was quickly followed with the now I am going to be mischievous and you will never know look. Sadly I might not, she really is that clever.

Alice wondering why my camera is in her face.

Everett picking raspberries, Yum!

My tomato plants, don’t they look nice and healthy?!

The sky, I can take a shmillion pictures of the sky and never get a copy, I love the way it changes, the way even the blue isn’t always the same. Today’s looked kind of like an oil painting.

And now for a little self pity, mostly because I can and I want to cry a bit.

 I have been tortured with the most insane toothache for the past two days, fortunately I have seen a dentist and I have an appointment and even pain meds. But still. This was so totally out of the blue, shouldn’t your teeth give a little heads up, um little twinges of pain, something? No, this was full on holy Ducks and Chimichangas just pass me the cyanide pill pretty please pain. And even now with the pain meds the edge is just off. Thankfully. So I can sleep. Which I need to do soon. Ish.



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