Words have a way of invoking a rush of feeling.

My independence is vital to me. I belong to me. I and only I am responsible for myself.

Home is comfort at the end of a long day. Home is my family. My retreat from the world. My sanctuary.

Trust is hard. Trust is fragile. Trust is never easily given.

Security is something I am very afraid of. Security does not provide the adventure I require. And yet I crave it so.

Freedom is never correctly interpreted. I am free and yet I am not. I will never be  a lark. I will always be a duck. This is my freedom and I am content.

These are the words that have been at the top of my heart this week.

What words sing in your soul?

What words inspire passion in your life?

What words bring doubt and leave room for thought or inspiration?


Natalie · Thursdays

Felicity and Natalie

Natalie was someone special for Felicity and now three months later she still figures largely in Felicity’s life.

We are on a different count down of sorts.

Felicity wrote this for Natalie,

You are sweeter then sugar

Brighter then the sun

Lighter then a feather

my silliest one.

She wrote this in July.

She sings all kinds of songs to Natalie, I will find her sitting and singing and she tells me simply that she hopes Natalie is listening.

I think that Natalie knows how much her big sister loves her.

Felicity isn’t upset, she is so happy that she has a sister tending to lost pets. She is so sure that Natalie is happy and safe.

In her own way Felicity has a way of healing open wounds.

I love my Lolly so.




There are about 102 things to love about summer, but we will stick with ten today.

1. Homemade lemonade and bike rides.

2. Visiting the beach.

3. Salads, so many salads to make, to try, to love, mmmmmm!

4. Back to school shopping. New crayons and sharpie markers and insane amount of notebooks.

5. The cool evenings just sitting on the porch while the kids play tag before bed.

6. The green, so many shades of green!

7. Bonfires with marshmallows and tales of the Wendigo.

8. Sending the kids out to play barefoot. The days of winter when it takes twenty minutes per kid to get ready are pleasantly over!

9.Ducks. Ducks have absolutely nothing to do with Summer. But they are supremely cute, so they are included:D.

10. The promise of Autumn, of color and burning leaf piles and sweaters and pumpkins.

11. Running all over the state of Maine, seeing what there is to see.


Photography · Picture Post

Star Trails and Meteor Showers

All that hype over the perseids meteor shower and I didn’t see much. Joff called me up around 3:30 AM last night,  I was so tired but I stumbled out to the porch and sure enough Meteor shower, not very exciting when you are mostly asleep.

Tonight I was/am determined to be a little more awake.

And then I remembered! I had never tried the Nikon D300s out for star trails, I had always used the Nikon D50 as the Nikon D70 never quite worked out for that purpose.

So meteor shower or not I wanted to experiment, now my tripod is dead. (I am a serial tripod killer) So I grabbed a few pillows and out I went. 

I am very pleased with my first result, this is a 12 minute exposure. ISO 100 at ap 1.8. 50mm

No edit, just a web re-size, grainy. Not perfect. But I am most definitely excited for crisp clear and cool nights. And a new tripod. Poor tripod, it doesn’t know that it is doomed to a short life:(

Next time I will go wider and try to capture more landscape, I would love to spend the night on a lake shooting star trails, that would be wicked fun and cool!


Animals · Photography · Picture Post

Photography and Kittens

I have been shooting for as long as I could remember. Growing up if I wasn’t working for kitty food I was working for film.

So I could take pictures of my cats.

Nana was allergic to cats, but I adopted any cats that came my way, converting an old play house to a kitty shelter.

Those where my passions as a kid, photography and kittens.

I now have a few more passions, my kids, Joff and ducks for instance.

( I also love sports but that is a whole nother post!)

Nowadays photography is a passion of pretty much everyone on the planet. With little exception most photo (biz) blogs I read start with one simple and over used line;

“I started photography because I wanted to take better pictures of my kids”.

Well I started taking pictures so I could take pictures of my kittens.

I have worked hard at improving my photography so I could take better pictures of my precious fur-babies.

The plus side is I am able to take pictures of my kids. I don’t have to take them to Walmart. Or Sears. Or the new photog down the block.

Although I have thought about it occasionally as taking pics of my kids can sometimes be a bit of a headache (Christmas portraits anyone?)

I just wanted to clarify.

I have six kids.

But I also have three adorable fur-baby models.

I’m just saying…….