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Star Trails and Meteor Showers

All that hype over the perseids meteor shower and I didn’t see much. Joff called me up around 3:30 AM last night,  I was so tired but I stumbled out to the porch and sure enough Meteor shower, not very exciting when you are mostly asleep.

Tonight I was/am determined to be a little more awake.

And then I remembered! I had never tried the Nikon D300s out for star trails, I had always used the Nikon D50 as the Nikon D70 never quite worked out for that purpose.

So meteor shower or not I wanted to experiment, now my tripod is dead. (I am a serial tripod killer) So I grabbed a few pillows and out I went. 

I am very pleased with my first result, this is a 12 minute exposure. ISO 100 at ap 1.8. 50mm

No edit, just a web re-size, grainy. Not perfect. But I am most definitely excited for crisp clear and cool nights. And a new tripod. Poor tripod, it doesn’t know that it is doomed to a short life:(

Next time I will go wider and try to capture more landscape, I would love to spend the night on a lake shooting star trails, that would be wicked fun and cool!



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