Natalie · Thursdays

Felicity and Natalie

Natalie was someone special for Felicity and now three months later she still figures largely in Felicity’s life.

We are on a different count down of sorts.

Felicity wrote this for Natalie,

You are sweeter then sugar

Brighter then the sun

Lighter then a feather

my silliest one.

She wrote this in July.

She sings all kinds of songs to Natalie, I will find her sitting and singing and she tells me simply that she hopes Natalie is listening.

I think that Natalie knows how much her big sister loves her.

Felicity isn’t upset, she is so happy that she has a sister tending to lost pets. She is so sure that Natalie is happy and safe.

In her own way Felicity has a way of healing open wounds.

I love my Lolly so.



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