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School 2010-2011 Curriculum Plans

We will be running 36 weeks, September 2010 (starting on the 13th) thru May 31 2011. I have also planned for six weeks in the summer of 2011 to allow for unfinished school work, emergencies, sick days, etc.

I know alot of people love to take December off all together but I am planning on only taking two weeks in favor of having a longer spring vacation when burn-out is running rampant:D

Caleb, no formal curriculum for my almost three year old.

Elenore will be going to grandma school this year, she will turn four on the 24th of October and is an eager learner. She will participate in phonics, geography and any other group activities as she is interested.

Everett will only be required to participate in phonics, reading and math. I am not pushing writing on him this year, he will have limited handwriting practice in correlation with phonics. Everett can also participate in science, geography and history as he wishes.

Felicity will be doing math, phonics and reading along with geography.

Felicity and Everett will be doing: Happy Phonics, Explode the code, Miquon Math  and Now I’m reading!  books. Along with group reading and reading practice with Katie and Alice.

I have chosen Happy Phonics and Explode the code as we have had success with ETC and Happy Phonics is a complete break from what I was using for Felicity last year.

Katie and Alice will be doing Miquon Math as a review and then moving on to Singapore Math.

Geography for all the children with be Galloping the Globe and Trail Guide to World Geography for Katie and Alice as additional work.

Science will be R.E.A.L  Science Odyssey, Earth & Space. The kids are really excited about this program and I have to confess so am I!

History, we will not have a very heavy history course this year, although I think Time Travelers History study has the potential to be as heavy as the teacher wants to make it. We will be working on New World Explorers, Colonial Life and the American Revolution.

I have no formal P.E program, I don’t see it as necessary right now unless you count running, hopping, skipping, riding bikes, shoveling snow, stacking wood, swimming, hiking, playing tag or ball games in the yard as P.E. In which case we are all set.

Health and Nutrition I am still working on but the girls already help plan meals based on nutritional value and we have often talked about the importance of exercise and good hygiene.

Art will be covered in Science, Geography and History. Joff, Katie and Alice will be creating a short animated video at some point this year.

I am missing something but I can’t put my finger on it……….I have a notebook for just this reason but don’t want to go find it right now.

I am not exactly known for my energy:D.

Oh yes, L.A for Katie and Alice….. We will be studying literary genres. Covering Traditional Literature, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Historical Fiction. Informational nonfiction, biography and poetry.

No formal grammar program this year, just mad-libs and other grammar games.

( I need a formal grammar program……if you teach english and read my blog, I am so, so sorry:))

Well, we will be a little more formal in our schooling this year, but I am prepared to switch it up if necessary, learning should be fun not tedious work. In theory anyway:D


Music! Music theory and if I get around to it basic piano lessons. If I get around to it.


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