Picture Post · Random

The random ranting continues……

1. I haven’t used a VHS player in years and I have been completely spoiled by DVDs. Can we say fast forward, rewind, fast forward, just a little, just a little…….oops to far!


I am such a modern brat:)

2. I have three kitties and a dog snuggled up on the couch, where they do not belong, but I am such a pushover for the furry ones♥.

3. Off for one last summer jaunt tomorrow, we are headed to the zoo and the beach, YEA!

4. Homeschool plans part two, coming soon. I have amended a few of my plans thanks to a great homeschool seminar I went to Saturday morning. It was so great I managed to keep my mouth shut for more then ten minutes:).

5. Hot and then Chilly. Summer was all September take that! and September is all take this!


 His eyes really are that blue♥.



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