Good times are ahead ! Or behind. Because they sure aren’t here. (Garfield, who else)

All those jokes about Monday? They apply to every single day of the week.

I wrote early this week that I felt like I was tossed out of bed and never landed.

Still haven’t landed.

I am dealing with so many things.

We drove to Portland and back yesterday to pick up a tub we found on craigslist only to find the tub gone, stolen according to the owner. Who in there right mind puts anything on the curb anywhere in the state of Maine? The guy claimed he was hoping to make a bit of cash selling it and yet he put it on the curb, everyone knows that means “free, please take it”. Our other Portland option bombed also and so we drove home. Nice waste of five hours of my life. I say waste because we didn’t have time to make it in to anything else. Even a run down on the beach would have been nice.

Caleb had a fun little birthday party and while he knew what he was getting he was so thrilled about every moment. At one point someone laid there hands on one of his new toys and he said “No! That is special, don’t touch!” . Around here we have living room toys and “special” toys and you don’t mess with it if it is special.

This morning I woke up with every single minutes mapped out.

What a joke.

I made bread, six loaves, actually it is rising right now.

I am fairly certain that I ruined every single loaf.

I neglected to pick up milk, eggs and other staples so I didn’t feed my kids breakfast. I had them dig out a jar of applesauce and wheat thins. Breakfast, go eat it outside. Thank you.

My house is a wreck. Didn’t I just clean it yesterday? The day before? Arggggg!

No tub and no washing machine.

No clean children, no clean clothes and lots of places to go, in oh, 15 minutes.

Why am I wasting valuable time blogging?

I am coping here people and eating wheat thins, I have been so wretchedly busy I can’t recall the last thing I ate. Oh I think I had potato salad yesterday. I think.

One more thing.

Dear tourists, If you cannot even manage the speed limit, stay out of the fast lane. Please. Signed a resident who has meetings and appointments.

I feel so much better. I promise to have a happier post up sometime soon. I have Homeschool updates:D.



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