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September Homeschool Update

We went on a magical walk today.

There was a very light mist and a definite breeze and the leaves on the tree’s where swirling down all around us. Marvelous!

We started Miquon Math this week and we all are loving it.  17+17=34,  there are a few ways to arrive at this conclusion, my favorite and quickest is 7+7=14+20=34. Who knew math could be so easy? When I showed Katie this method she whizzed right thru a page that would normally have taken her hours of whining.

Although the younger children are going to continue with Miquon, Katie will be moving over to Singapore math starting in January, I am only using it as a base for her and Alice to restructure as best I can the way they utilize math.

We have been working on Creative writing this past week and having so much fun. The girls have been happily using both the thesaurus and dictionary, which of course makes me deliriously happy. We have started with a writing journal, listing only 5-6 words that describe something, today we chose rain and the girls could only use adjectives. I have been creating my own writing journal right along side them and it was fun spending over an hour  pouring thru the thesaurus and dictionary for just the right words. We ran across some words that where fun to say so we put them on a paper and pinned it to the fridge, the goal is to see how many times we can use the word by the end of the week, as you can imagine, grueling  is an easy word to stick in anytime chores are mentioned, Katie has taken to calling any and all silly remarks as zany and has announced that we should all be calling the dictionary a lexicon. Alice managed to use oratory after Joff finally finished his long winded speech on Cortes!

I discovered that the key to teaching Felicity reading is through spelling, she loves to write and breaking down words is really working for her! We are not using Happy Phonics as planned but we are using Explode the Code, which she doesn’t mind. Doesn’t love, but doesn’t mind.

We have taken a much more relaxed approach to school this year, not something I am not yet  comfortable with as I am still firmly entrenched in the “Busy Work” is necessary frame of mind, but by the end of the school day we usually have chattered away about all kinds of things and then my kids are surprised that school is over!  The only thing they are not loving all that much is copywork, I have been using scripture and after they are done they must read it or recite it back and we practice on tone and such. They don’t mind that part very much.

Actually Felicity had a small part on Sunday for the primary program and she did very well, looking at the congregation, pausing at the appropriate places and using question marks in her speech. I was very proud of her.

We start history Friday, New World Explorers. Something Everett is very excited about as pirates are (arrr?) involved.

We are having a great start to a new school year and the kids keep wondering when we really start school!



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