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Modge Podge

Modge Podge I love you.

I am NOT a crafty soul, preferring a visit to the dentist over a day of scrapping (shudder), but crafty things that can be done in a matter of seconds are manageable. 

I get bored so easily:P

( I totally lied about the dentist thing, I would rather scrap)

We (I)  whipped these up pretty quickly, the white stuff on the black one is modge Podge, not yet dry.

Materials: composition notebook, spray adhesive, hobby knife, paper, stickers or decals and of course modge podge and foam brush.

Spray the front of your notebook with spray adhesive, carefully line your paper along the black edge and press down, open book onto a cutting mat and trim the paper with the hobby knife, flip it over, adhere your stickers or decals or whatever and modge podge, one light layer is good enough and you are done! They dry pretty quick too.

I did not add paper to the back, have I ever mentioned how lazy I am?

I wasn’t planning on doing these tonight but Katie found the one I had done for myself and so I agreed to help her do one and it all went down hill from there. On the plus side at least it gave me something to blog about:D.


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Four and all grown up….

The day before Elli’s birthday she marched up and down the house announcing to the world that tomorrow she would be Four and all Grown Up! apparently being all grown up is an overnight thing, magical!

Elenore is my little princess, she has a very decided opinions and is little chatter bug, she adores grandma school and primary. She is my only daughter that enjoys playing with dolls and barbies, although that doesn’t stop her from taking down enemy combatants with her brothers or tramping through the woods on a dragon hunt with the girls. She loves to dance and sing and cook. Yes I just said cook. Elli and Felicity would spend every minute in the kitchen working their way through my cook books if I had the time or either one of them could read, something both of them are working on very hard.

Elli is smart and beautiful, she is full of silliness and adventure, she is giving and caring and I love  her dearly even if she is the only grown up around still wearing a toddler size 3:D♥

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The Prince


Not half as sweet as his brother, he barely tolerates us. He tolerates us because he has a warm cozy spot in front of them fire, because I spoil him rotten and buy him all kinds of yummy kitty treats, because he likes to be scratched under the chin and because occasionally I sprinkle catnip on his favorite napping spot.

He has a fondness for peas and butter. And toes.

We call him the Prince and I have a feeling he is fully aware of his status.

So he is a snob, I love him anyway.


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facebook status updates

on da blog:D

1.Started our letter of the week activities with pre-ks and kinders, having fun!

2.Trying to find out what to do with 10 bushels of apples……… :0

3.Just learned how to cut and splice a music track, whoohoo!

4.Just spent 2 hours editing a video and the program crashed:( Thankgoodness for auto save!

5.I heart thriftshopping♥

6.Someone talk me out of making candy apples……..please.

7.Don’t make me use UPPERCASE. (Maxine)

8.Went on out first field trip and our first homeschool group get together to Treworgy Farms. Tons of fun:D

9.I love Autumn, I love hot cocoa and stews and sweaters and the smell of wood smoke. I love watching the children dance in a shower of falling leaves and crunching leaves and leaf piles♥.

10.You can bet it wasn’t an exercise freak who invented power steering. (Garfield)


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Insert clever post here

I have a bunch of captions for this picture, ahem,

1. There are six of them and only one of me………help

2.There is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and a Sunday. There is no Laundryday anywhere on my calendar. Can’t find it.

Okay so that wasn’t a bunch.

They are not smiling for me just so you know, they are cheesing for Trooper the cat, best photog assistant ever!

Why is Katie holding a Y-shaped stick?

Why are they allowing me to take a picture of them, why are they being ever so cooperative? Why are they only cooperative when I don’t particularly need them to be?

Wasn’t today beautiful?

Maybe the title of this post should have been “Just a lot of questions”.


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Katie Kat


Katie is my oldest. She is dependable and smart. She is funny and imaginative, she is an amazing artist and storyteller. She loves animals and she still loves to snuggle, just her and me and piggybanks. I remember clearly the day she was born and I wonder how the years have flown by so quickly. Katie likes to read my blog, so this is just for her. I love you baby girl, forever and always♥.