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facebook status updates

on da blog:D

1.Started our letter of the week activities with pre-ks and kinders, having fun!

2.Trying to find out what to do with 10 bushels of apples……… :0

3.Just learned how to cut and splice a music track, whoohoo!

4.Just spent 2 hours editing a video and the program crashed:( Thankgoodness for auto save!

5.I heart thriftshopping♥

6.Someone talk me out of making candy apples……..please.

7.Don’t make me use UPPERCASE. (Maxine)

8.Went on out first field trip and our first homeschool group get together to Treworgy Farms. Tons of fun:D

9.I love Autumn, I love hot cocoa and stews and sweaters and the smell of wood smoke. I love watching the children dance in a shower of falling leaves and crunching leaves and leaf piles♥.

10.You can bet it wasn’t an exercise freak who invented power steering. (Garfield)



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