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Hamster Day!

Today is the long-awaited day of the hamster, I will hopefully be posting pictures tomorrow, we made it to the pet store and Felicity quickly decided on the fattest, most adorable little girl hamster available. We loaded up with everything a hamster could possibly want to live a happy and chubby  life, including a large glass aquarium versus a cage, given that we have three rodent eating  cats and a dog  that would not hesitate to pass up such a yummy (and chubby) snack, we felt it would be much safer!

 Not handling the hamster for the next little while is already proving to be difficult, but we have discussed at length the proper care and feeding of hamsters.

We had so much fun with Lolly today and I am so glad that she is determined to be a responsible pet owner ( her words:)).

Oh yes, she name the hamster “The fuzz” and she will also occasionally be called “The precious fuzz” 😀



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