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Merry Christmas!

We had a fantastic Christmas!

We had a Christmas story pageant at  grandma and grandpa’s house Christmas Eve and it went very well, Katie was Mary and Piggybanks got to stand in for baby Jesus.

Christmas Eve the children opened there traditional gift of jammies from Grandma, who is now making close to 70 pairs of pajamas for all of her grandchildren! They gave me a beautiful set of butterfly earrings in memorial of Natalie. I love them.

We traditionally all pile into the girls room on Christmas eve, crashing on a few extra mattresses and chattering about trying to stay up and see Santa, never works through:P. Of course we all where up bright and early:D.

Sharyn and Gary came by nice and early to give the kids (and Joff and I) some presents and watch the kids open all there gifts. We put them to work trying to figure out how to get toys out of the packaging. Hard work that! It was nice having them come and share the children’s Christmas.

At one point Caleb ran and hid his face behind a pillow on the couch, when we asked him what was wrong he said “It is just too much!” he was feeling overwhelmed with all the toys and what to play with first! The soldiers or the dinos? Which one?!

Joff who has been working a ton of overtime, including working Christmas Eve and tonight, took a much needed nap. I baked up some bread and fudge and slipped Cindi’s ham into the oven.

We had dinner at grandma and grandpa’s house with Cindi and Dan’s family and of course ended the evening with a round of Ticket to ride.

A satisfying Christmas.

Especially as I got a ton of chocolate:D♥.

Merry Christmas


(Felicity lost The Fuzz, sadly she managed to escape her cage (still mystified on the how!)  and although we do not know for certain we are pretty sure Wolfgang got her. It was a very sad day around here. Felicity is now the proud and somewhat worried pet owner of a male hamster, he is smaller, although not a dwarf hamster) He loves to burrow and his name is Squeakers, mostly because he looks slightly squirrely. We have taken extra precautions to ensure his safety. Mostly we are hoping his smaller size inhibits his accessing the top of the aquarium. We have a wire top, but The Fuzz managed to moved it somehow by climbing on top of her wheel and it had a lock on it! I give her credit for sheer genius! May you find a patch of carots and cabbage with lots of tunnels and live forever in peace The Fuzz.)

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Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask, “Why me?”, then a voice answers “Nothing personal, your name just happened to come up.” Charlie Brown

Don’t you just love Charlie Brown?

My posting is rather sporadic, but since we are talking about December here I forgive myself.

Thanks self, I feel better.

My Nikon Girl. We like to match our fave cam brand here:P


Interestingly enough she has finally found an escape route from here glass tank which I find absolutely amazing, she is really holding up the “Hamsters are escape artists” banner and if I where a hamster I would be proud, of course I am also fairly certain my sweet kittens who feign perpetual drowsiness are well aware of the situation. I have told them in no uncertain terms that The Fuzz is  not an acceptable appetizer. The argument for their side was, unfortunately, very  moving, especially as we have a strict anti-rodent policy, they know it, I know it, The Fuzz has been informed of her rights. I do not know if I should be worried about the growing conflict or if I should grab some popcorn and watch my own Disney animal movie unfold……….Don’t tell Felicity I said that.


I hesitate to mention too much about what is going on with Alice (She is standing next to the Christmas tree in the above picture.) I took the picture because it was one of the rare times she comes downstairs (or downstep if you wish to be technical). My heart breaks for her. We have become so used to this new Alice that we all carry on while she watches from the side lines. She has seen a doctor. She will be seeing a therapist next. In some ways her symptoms or OCD issues are extreme, her anxiety level high and while she continues to have good days she grows progressively worse. Joff is much better at walking her through things, praying with her and helping her understand that her fears can be explained. The good news is that the doctor is positive that her OCD was triggered by something very traumatic, real or imagined.( If you can call that good news) She has a better chance at relinquishing her OCD  through therapy.

Well I guess I did not mean to put so much out there.

Katie will be ten in a few weeks and I am realizing in my rather slow and plodding sort of way that years of babies and toddlers has left me somewhat unequipped in handling a full-fledged kid who is entering the realm of double digits. I suppose that this is the way it will always be, Katie as the eldest must be my guinea pig, my laboratory experiment. Seriously I am back to wishing for a handbook in dealing with these matters. Part of Katie’s problem is that she is insanely good. And is she is not as amused by children’s games as she once was. And she is not a reader. If she would read, that would solve many problems, primarily the “I’m bored” problem. She is an artist, but frankly there are only so many pictures she can draw in a day and only so much time I will allow her on the computer and since she already is excellent at doing her chores and others besides, I will not and cannot give her chores for the boring parts of her day. It is a predicament.

Not a bad one, just another puzzler to keep me busy.

I almost convinced my girls to read the Fablehaven series (Which I just finished plowing through) but they are only interested if I read it to them. Which I will although I wish they would read it themselves.

My children are dazzled at my reading capabilities, of course they have never seen me struggling to read John Locke’s  An essay concerning human understanding.  (With a bottle of Advil handy I once managed four pages:P) I learned to read later than normal, but once I caught onto it I was insanely and madly in love. Me on a desert island with a lifetime supply of chocolate or books? Books win hands down. I am not really picky either, although I tend to stay away from romance (to predictable) and favor something either action packed or historical. John Locke is awesome but he doesn’t count as historical:D.

I have been informed that if I will just wait it out a few of my kids will pick it up someday, although possibly not until there 30’s.


My winter explorers, tracking various critters all over the field. Mostly small rodents I hear tell, but also a skunk and maybe a small deer. Maybe.





Brace Yourself.

Sugar makes me sick.

Lolly brought me an open Hershey bar and I almost ran crying to the bathroom. Because that is where it is traditionally acceptable to throw up.

My kids are so confused.

They know my penchant for chocolate and are now convinced that I truly have been abducted and replaced by body snatchers.

I want Salt and more salt. Or Sour Patch Watermelons, the only sugar I can eat without leaving polite company for the ole traditional.

This is proof that God has a unique sense of humor. That you can trust nothing. Life can flip you upside down and tickle you unmercifully for hours and some how you survive it.

Come out of a little bit wiser, A little more life smart.  Can I go weeks without chocolate? Apparently yes I can. Will I eat scrambled eggs three times a week despite the fact that they are  the nastiest thing on the planet? Yes I will.

In a weird sort of way I have been body snatched, this little person has taken over, there is a whole new agenda and I am here to serve.



A random update that includes a super hero!

Well this Christmas season has been off to a rough start.  I have finished the kids Christmas shopping and now I am wondering what in the world to get Joff that is super cheap and doesn’t need to be ordered online…… He has a couple of things under the tree, but since I have a reputation of giving him awesome gifts every year I am feeling some pressure.

I am mostly feeling pressure to crawl out of bed before nine in the morning. I am sure the kids would appreciate that.

In my defense I am up and down all night long, checking the fire, checking the hamster, checking on the kids, wondering vaguely why I can’t sleep for more than two hours in a row and yet I am so freaking tired.

Alice had a her doctor’s appointment yesterday. She is scheduled to see  a therapist in January to see what her “triggers’ might be.

I just realized this is something I haven’t mentioned here, Alice over the last couple of months has been suffering anxiety and ocd issues, very alarming for the fact that it sort of popped up out of the blue. I would just like to see my little girl not so afraid most of the time.

So much.

Too much sometimes.

Is it a wonder that I have not completely decided that the best idea is just to stay in bed and never leave?

Yesterday for example. Yesterday was crazy. Just one of the interesting things that happened was when Joff and I were in Bangor and Joff locked us out of the van. He swears he saw me take the keys, I was just in shock. Joff has never ever since I have known him locked a vehicle door!  fortunately Jarom and Patty came and rescued us, not before everyone in Arby’s heard a rather interesting conversation, Ahem!

Hey Jarom!

Do you have your spandex on?

We need a super hero, haha

Yea, Kristal locked us out of the van (me: what!)

I will need an Axe.

And a wedge, also a wire coat hanger.

No axe?

Hammer, hmmmm, okay.

No wire coat hangers? Stop by Walmart and grab some I will pay you…..

See you soon.

That might not have been word for word but that was definitely the gist of the conversation.

Oh and Jarom said he always has his spandex on, so if you need a super hero….

It only took Joff a few minutes to unlock the van.

And even though it was freezing cold and my gloves where in the van I drank an entire Icee while we waited:).

(Thanks Patty and Jarom!).

I have to go grocery shopping today and I don’t want to.

Church Christmas party tonight. My kids are so excited. I have to leave the house. Boo. Or maybe bah humbug.

If I bake cinnamon rolls will I be absolved? Will my grouchy Christmas spirit be forgiven? I will throw in spice cookies if it is necessary. And a pot of hot cocoa.

Just don’t make me leave the house.


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I woke up at 11:00 this morning. Actually I was up at 6:00 to stock the fire and open it up, but went back to bed.

For the first time in weeks I woke up actually feeling awake. Only three more weeks and I am officially in the second trimester, but I am already starting to feel like my old self. 🙂

There is heartburn and a sensitive stomach to deal with but as long as I can feel awake and I don’t have migraines I am every so happy.

Made a pot of cocoa this morning and added Hershey dark chocolate chips  and cream, mmmm. So good.

Went outside to take some pics of the kids playing in the lovely snowstorm we are having.

Most of our animals love the snow. The ducks for one, have requested it snow year round. The Wolfgang continues in his pursuit of catching snowballs.

Felicity would like her two front teeth for Christmas:D

Evs made trails for the ducks…..

It is late and I have to insist on school today, although I have promised to keep it light for all of us this month, in exchange we will not be having Christmas break till after Christmas.


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random #389

How many times have I sat here in the last couple of weeks with tons on my mind and no way to say it?

Way to many to count.

I shall sum it up then.

November was exhausting, I felt like a had the flu for over a month. I am fairly certain I did indeed have the flu, but the flu gave up when morning (afternoon, evening) sickness kicked in.

Still exhausted, thankfully not as sick. So far December is being much nicer to me then usual. Thankyou December.

I haven’t even managed more than a few  pics for November. I think my total shot count is under one hundred and most of those are from Felicity’s birthday.

December I swear I will do better, but how about a little sunshine. I need some sunshine!

I still think The Fuzz looks like a mouse. A large mouse.

The Christmas tree is up. And leaning a tad to the left. It drives me crazy, but Joff and I are both too tired to care enough to do anything more than mutter at it. The children have decorated it. They decorate it every year and every year it looks like it was attacked by a half crazed monkey. Or six half crazed monkey’s. I don’t care, the tree is for them not me.

Very proud of myself. I have blogged.  An amazing feat considering that any instance of sitting involves me nodding off within minutes if not seconds.


Thats my cue.