A random update that includes a super hero!

Well this Christmas season has been off to a rough start.  I have finished the kids Christmas shopping and now I am wondering what in the world to get Joff that is super cheap and doesn’t need to be ordered online…… He has a couple of things under the tree, but since I have a reputation of giving him awesome gifts every year I am feeling some pressure.

I am mostly feeling pressure to crawl out of bed before nine in the morning. I am sure the kids would appreciate that.

In my defense I am up and down all night long, checking the fire, checking the hamster, checking on the kids, wondering vaguely why I can’t sleep for more than two hours in a row and yet I am so freaking tired.

Alice had a her doctor’s appointment yesterday. She is scheduled to see  a therapist in January to see what her “triggers’ might be.

I just realized this is something I haven’t mentioned here, Alice over the last couple of months has been suffering anxiety and ocd issues, very alarming for the fact that it sort of popped up out of the blue. I would just like to see my little girl not so afraid most of the time.

So much.

Too much sometimes.

Is it a wonder that I have not completely decided that the best idea is just to stay in bed and never leave?

Yesterday for example. Yesterday was crazy. Just one of the interesting things that happened was when Joff and I were in Bangor and Joff locked us out of the van. He swears he saw me take the keys, I was just in shock. Joff has never ever since I have known him locked a vehicle door!  fortunately Jarom and Patty came and rescued us, not before everyone in Arby’s heard a rather interesting conversation, Ahem!

Hey Jarom!

Do you have your spandex on?

We need a super hero, haha

Yea, Kristal locked us out of the van (me: what!)

I will need an Axe.

And a wedge, also a wire coat hanger.

No axe?

Hammer, hmmmm, okay.

No wire coat hangers? Stop by Walmart and grab some I will pay you…..

See you soon.

That might not have been word for word but that was definitely the gist of the conversation.

Oh and Jarom said he always has his spandex on, so if you need a super hero….

It only took Joff a few minutes to unlock the van.

And even though it was freezing cold and my gloves where in the van I drank an entire Icee while we waited:).

(Thanks Patty and Jarom!).

I have to go grocery shopping today and I don’t want to.

Church Christmas party tonight. My kids are so excited. I have to leave the house. Boo. Or maybe bah humbug.

If I bake cinnamon rolls will I be absolved? Will my grouchy Christmas spirit be forgiven? I will throw in spice cookies if it is necessary. And a pot of hot cocoa.

Just don’t make me leave the house.



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