Brace Yourself.

Sugar makes me sick.

Lolly brought me an open Hershey bar and I almost ran crying to the bathroom. Because that is where it is traditionally acceptable to throw up.

My kids are so confused.

They know my penchant for chocolate and are now convinced that I truly have been abducted and replaced by body snatchers.

I want Salt and more salt. Or Sour Patch Watermelons, the only sugar I can eat without leaving polite company for the ole traditional.

This is proof that God has a unique sense of humor. That you can trust nothing. Life can flip you upside down and tickle you unmercifully for hours and some how you survive it.

Come out of a little bit wiser, A little more life smart.  Can I go weeks without chocolate? Apparently yes I can. Will I eat scrambled eggs three times a week despite the fact that they are  the nastiest thing on the planet? Yes I will.

In a weird sort of way I have been body snatched, this little person has taken over, there is a whole new agenda and I am here to serve.



One thought on “Brace Yourself.

  1. Body snatched! Isn’t that the truth! I could never eat sugar during pregnancy ether. When I was pregnant with Asher I could only eat raw carrots and broccoli. It is sweet to have a little baby though and so worth all the trouble.

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