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Winter Play

I love our road, we have taken walks down it in every season and it is never the same.
Lolly, sledding down a itty bitty snow pile at grandma's house:P


Prowler in the trenches, awaiting orders to attack.
Elli is not a snow bunny, she prefers her winter time outings to be as warm and cozy as possible.
The piggy is growing! Katie was able to hold this little girl when we first brought her home.
Evs, I took this shot on his 6th birthday. Littles should not be allowed to grow up so quickly!
His soldier and skeleton gloves on, he hauls the snowmans other nose around all day, just in case.
Evs admits defeat, the sled and snow have conspired against him.
Katie, Hannah, Alice and Lolly
Lolly, making a snow angel for Natalie♥



Made it this far…..



I am so proud of myself, I have been holding my breath waiting for the overwhelming anxiety I always feel at this time of year to storm on in and nothing, I am content, happy and maybe even a little bored.

I am concerned that I might have been abducted by aliens.

I chickened out and went to bed early last night, well I tried to anyway, the kids insisted on staying up and to there credit they tried mighty hard to stay awake. Katie made it to 11:00 PM. So close. I woke up to let the dog out at 12:30 (ish) Since I have never actually rung in the New Year, I didn’t feel like I missed out:).

Today is good, house is clean. As clean as it will ever get without a maid service anyway. Sun is out, weather is perfect.

And I have Oreos. I have been obsessing over Oreos and I finally made it down to the store. Happy.

I found my Garfield comic strip!

Jon: We’re going to change the way we do things around here!

Garfield: Whoa…….We do things around here?