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January recap

January was a long cold month for the state of Maine! Tons of snow, lots of nights below zero and of course there was no traditional January thaw. But we survived it and if I where truly honest I would say it wasn’t half bad!

Joff had hernia surgery at the beginning of the month which meant that I was in charge of all snow shoveling and wood hauling operations, again not to bad! I got lots of exercise and really felt much better for it.

I had my first doctor appointment and ultrasound at 14 weeks and was insanely relieved to find our new little love has a heartbeat!

Katie turned ten. TEN! Life really does fly when you have children threatening to grow up in the blink of an eye.

Katie was just the tiniest little baby and now she is all tall and skinny and can barely fit on my lap, all those night walking the floor when she was colicky and I just wanted her to GO.TO.SLEEP. and now I realize there are days when I wish she was a tiny little baby again. Colicky and all. Okay, maybe not:P.

I am so proud of the person she is becoming, watching her grow and learn and realizing what a wonderful child she really is.

Katie is a talented artist and storyteller, she is helpful and smart. She is also insanely GOOD.

A pic of Katie when she was just a wee little baby back in 2001 and some of my favorite pictures of Katie from 2010.




One thought on “January recap

  1. Beautiful pics of Katie! And congrats on the newest little one. How wonderful!

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