The other night…..and others like it.

Ahhhh sweet bedtime! Joff has gone off to work, the kids are all tucked in and sleeping, the dog is taking a nap in front of the door and the cats have managed to find a few pieces of paper and a cheerio to snooze on. I am comfortable! Do you have any clue how hard it is for a pregnant woman to get comfy? My eyes close, contented and……..oh crap. The lights are still on. Who cares right? Crap those lights! If I crawl out of bed to turn off the lights I will need to use the restroom, and then I will need a drink. I will remember  to brush my teeth ( Argggg I forgot to brush my teeth!) Looking at myself in the mirror I realize I should also wash my face. Feeling a little more awake I decide to make my rounds early, checking locks and lights and making sure that the kids haven’t kicked off there blankets. The dog will now be up, following me around whining because somewhere, somewhere on the face of this planet there is a skunk who must die and he feels like he should be allowed the honor. Either that or he now needs to use the restroom. Sometimes it is hard to decipher. Either way I get slapped in the face with a nice cold blast of air as the dog takes his own sweet time plotting the demise of every skunk within the five-mile vicinity. Back inside. I will have been up for at least a half of an hour. The fire will have been checked, stocked and checked again. One of the kids will get up and need a drink. I will finally head back to bed, crawl underneath the covers and just as I close my eyes I will realize that the LIGHTS ARE STILL ON!

I know all that will happen. Because it did.

Going to bed can be fraught with all kinds of potential disaster.




One thought on “The other night…..and others like it.

  1. LOL. This sounds exactly like my nights- checking on kids, dog wanting out, needing to pee a zillion times (when pg, but even my 3 mo postpartum bladder isn’t what it used to be).

    I saw you at THSL and was wondering how your pregnancy is going. You’re in my prayers.

    attachedto4 at thsl

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