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Very random bit of nonsense that is, sadly, all TRUE!

I feel like Garfield today.

Fat. In the mood for lasagna. Hating on Monday.

I am not orange yet though……

But I do have claws (moo-haha)


So mud season is upon us, although my only evidence so far is the trail of mud that keep reappearing ever time I mop the floor. So far I have mopped the floor 2419 times today.


My toes are slowly disappearing. I am thinking of painting them bright pink in the next couple of weeks as a sort of goodbye gift to my feet until the baby makes her grand arrival.

Interestingly I have alot of people telling me how tiny I still am. Keep it coming folks, lie if you have to, just keep the you are soooo tiny comments coming……

Joff and I are in a naming war. If votes counted, I would win. Hands down.  But apparently he is still fighting the civil war, because Charlotte is way too southern for his tastes. I am now pulling for either Savannah or Georgia.


I am for the most part a brat and completely unashamed (say that if you will in your best southern drawl y’all)


Etsy will be our financial ruin, I swear the guy at the bank stays up at night weeping that he did not invent, clippy ties, adorable hair clips or insanely fun camera straps. Poor guy.

Etsy or Wal-mart. Or Target. Possibly Amazon. Definitely Hannafords. Oh ya they win. I ran down to pick up some fixn’s for tacos and had to slice the onion right there at the check out to account for all my tears. But those tacos were oh so good.

Marching past the oreo’s. Now that is a sign of strength!

Sharyn A’s eldest son Tucker has taken to baking something chocolatly seemingly every time I walk in the door and I am starting to make plans to either move in with them or bribe him to move in with us. Maybe he can make oreo’s.

Caleb my darling, sweet, little boy, whom I love all to pieces and can do know wrong in this world broke one of my dining room windows. Poor sweet boy. I am sure it really wasn’t his fault. It was that dratted chair that insists on banging  against the now broken window every time he sat in it. So not his fault, right?

Luckily we have a replacement window that is supposed to go in in May when we build the addition and finish the dining room remodel. Sadly I now have a ugly board covering the beautiful sweet light coming into my dining room. I detest dark, cavey rooms. My name Kristal……you friend….sit…..we have ……..boiled water with old leaf……hmm maybe not cave woman enough for me……I will have to let my dearest little boy hammer some holes in the floor, err I mean his hammer will have to do that…….

Well that is enough crazy from me tonight, off to dream of oreo’s and old leaf tea (yuck).


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Home and School and Homeschool

I have been randomly teaching science and history. I haven’ liked it very much. It is way to ………..random.

Then I had a genius idea. Or at least I think so.


It seems to be working out very well too. Of course we are still on our first week, but I love how very unrandom it is.

We are using Galloping the Globe and Trail Guide to World Geography, I am using these as a base point. I need a base point. My brain goes into overload and starts running around in circles screaming if I have I do not have something to start with.

So for example, we are studying by continent and country. We are starting in Asia and the country of China. This is just how Galloping the Globe flows and I am sticking with it for now.

I have divided the week  into categories.

The first day we do an overview of the country, study a country map (both political and geographical) talk about current politics, religion and language. We choose three words and a phrase to study and learn in the primary langauge for the country. We try to use these all week.

The second day we discuss, the history of the country, choosing two-three historical figures and two key historic events. Katie creates a basic timeline with my help.

Third day, we get into science. talking about climate, plant and animal life. choose a region and do a report in each of these areas.

Fourth day, we talk modern culture and holidays, festivals and tourist attractions (Great wall of china or Stonehenge for instance).

Fifth day, country wrap up, art project and we cook a meal from this country.

Because of my pregnancy, we will be going another full year of school, so I do not have a set day or month I want us to be finished with this, so if we want to spend a few days in any area or extend our country research an additional week we can. I would like to be done by Christmas break though so we can wrap up with a christmas around the world study.

This will be social studies,fine arts and science for all of my children for the year.

Language arts is/has been First Language Lessons since the beginning of the year.

Katie and Alice have creative writing twice a week.

Everett has penmanship/copywork every day.

Felicity has copywork and reading everyday.

Math is Math in Focus, the Singapore Approach for all children. (LOVING this math program!)

Health is still kind of random, but I am okay with that as we have almost daily discussions in various areas of health.

So that is where we are at. I am still into a relaxed homeschool experience, but this way we have direction and even though we have just started our new social studies curriculum, the kids portfolios are looking much nicer.

This is our second year homeschooling and I am feeling more and more satisfied with our progress as we go along.

Although I am also quickly learning that homeschooling growing children is like standing on sifting sand!

And in other news. We have all been nice and sick this last week. A bizarre sort of flu, headaches, fever and bad colds.  The littles had it first and now the girls are all sick. I was sick Sunday and Monday. And Tuesday. Joff fortunately seems to be doing okay.

My kitchen is ALMOST done! We just need to finish trim and painting work. But I am LOVING my new kitchen. Small, manageable and perfect♥. Also I am now and forever a walking advertisement for Allure vinyl plank flooring. Best Floor EVER!