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We have a name!


Arguing about the middle name now, oh well something to live for anyway, right?

Chantelle is my middle name, one of them anyway. I am excited to share this name with our sweet baby girl♥.

The last month I have felt as though I am already 37 weeks. So, pretty miserable, everything hurts, nothing feels secure (ladies, you know what I mean) and I am crazy tired. In all this I cannot help but feel so grateful, grateful that Chantelle is still healthy and strong. There is nothing else that is more important then that for me right now.

I am also feeling blessed that I have such fantastic children. They get along so well, they express there love for each other and for Joff and I on a daily basis. They love  to help and I am discovering what that means for each one of them.

While the last month was incredibly hard in so many ways, I am learning to find and see the good that has come from all the bad. Life is so incredibly hard but I am blessed that I have such a wonderful little family that helps me to see and appreciate all the good that life has to offer also.



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