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More Japan Study, with Pictures!

Katie was the only one of the kids able to pop the marble down into the drink.
Everett gives it a try. He is now insisting we buy more, he is sure he can do it next time.
Alice gives the drink an A+.
The fortune cookies were the best ever, but the candy was not so popular.
Alice cherry blossom tree


Katie's cherry blossom tree
Elli's cherry blossom tree
Caleb cherry blossom tree
Felicity cherry blossom
Evs, Sumo wrestlers
Apparently sumo wrestlers in Japan are neon yellow;)
Orange and Purple are also valid skin color options
Making carp kites
Caleb's carp kite. He actually did a pretty good job for a three-year old:D

We also created watercolor fans and paper kokashi dolls.

In Japan they have Childrens Day on the fifth of May and also a separate holiday for girls and then boys.

My kids thought that was wicked cool.

Did you know that all that stomping around Sumo wrestlers do before they get their chub hug on is to ward evil spirits out of the ring, they then throw salt around to purify the ring.

Some of their mythology is very similar to greek mythology. Go ahead and google the story of Ama-Terasu.



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