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Boys and Girls

A quiet evening, so quiet that while I left dinner to simmer on the stove I decided to find out what they where all up to.

I am always grateful that my children get along so well, they are such good friends to one another. While the girls do play with each other and the boys have there own games, they often can all be found listening in as Katie tells a story or armed with bottles and buckets finding creatures in the field or woods. They love to concoct plays or beg me to take a video of them singing a silly song. They are all unanimous in there love for spongebob and cranberry sauce. The boys play petshop with the girls and the girls engage in battle with the boys if that is what they are up to. They love to lounge around the trampoline creating scenes from there own magical worlds.

My children remind me about bedtime and beg to do school if I am dragging my feet. They love to pray for everyone on the planet and family night often plays out like  a weekday game show.

They listen, they are mindful and careful of each other. There are a few strict rules and they very very rarely break them.

Do they get on each others nerves at times? Yes! The heartbreak when one of them is not being very kind is so very real, how could this friend, this sibling, be so cruel? They are often contrite and apologetic, there anger towards one another never lasts long.

They are truly wonderful children and I sometimes wonder how I, of all people should have been blessed so!

I am blessed and grateful. These boys and girls are mine and I love them dearly.




One thought on “Boys and Girls

  1. You are so very special Kristalm so few people are grateful for their blessings. I love you and your sweet family !
    Hugs, Liandra

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