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Thoughts from a mind found mentally unfit

The flies! Great kitty in the clouds the flies are out to get me!

Seriously, they really are.

I am amazed at how much of myself I have discovered in the last couple of years. I was always skeptical about the age and wisdom thing and frankly still am, but learning who I am and what sort of person I have become(ing) in my (short/long?) life is awesome. Sort of.

Sadly I have lost the rest of my innocence in regards to people I know and trust. People are people and they are carrying around there own weights and chains and that can lead to hurting others, even family. In the end I learned you cannot be afraid to lose relationships to gain peace.

Attitude  is what you make it. There are no excuses.

Chocolate really is the elixir of life, the fountain from which springs new clients for the local weight watchers.

Weight watchers is a sort of modern spanish inquisition.

I have never actually been a member of weight watchers, but I have nightmares……..

Finally finished watching Hoarders. The end result was about three bags of shoes, clothes and stuffed animals plus two boxes of books ended in the landfill. We don’t have a lot of junk around here, but I certainly wasn’t taking any chances. Now watching Dr. Who for our 3AM feedings. I have mixed feelings about this show and will reserve my review for the end of the first season (fortieth season? What season did I start on anyway?)

Downloaded a couch to 5K app for the ipod, so many reviewers who claimed to hate running and now madly in love with it. I don’t believe it, but since I have an app addiction and would like to pretend that I am all about getting my postpartum some one quick get the disaster area yellow tape body back into shape, well, we will see. Also now I have another excuse to buy more music. For when I start running. (hee, hee).

Chantelle is sweetness, a cherub and a cuddly doodle. I am so insanely happy that she is a member of our family. Newborns are usually devoid of any engaging conversation but I do give them credit for expression, poor Chantelle is forced to listen to my ramblings and has become the queen of Oh very interesting point, do go on! facial expressions.

All of the children love Chantelle, really, it is crazy that she manages to sleep at all, actually she has become so accustomed to being passed around that there isn’t much she can’t sleep through at this point, sorely tempted to rent a jack hammer just to test her sleeping capabilities. Oh ya, gonna test a theory, I am one awesome scientist. Awesome jack hammer renting mommy? Not so much:P

Life is good.



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