I am.

 I am stuck. I have all these words swarming around my head, fighting to get out. But I struggle with phrasing myself. I struggle with letting myself relax and say what I really want to say. I am not a very restrained sort of person. But I am. I am a chameleon of sorts. Very… Continue reading I am.

Birthday · Kids


Caleb is four. Time flies! Four years ago Caleb was born and spent a short while in the NICU, although it was a scary experience we always knew he would be okay and four years later he is healthy and perfect. We have been truly blessed to have such a sweet little boy in our… Continue reading Four



This last week has been a nightmare. I was thinking on my problems, the conflicts in my life, when I remembered that this is the week. How hard this weekend will be for so many, a reminder of loss and pain. I was in Nevada. At home. With my firstborn. I remember watching the news… Continue reading 9/11