This last week has been a nightmare.

I was thinking on my problems, the conflicts in my life, when I remembered that this is the week. How hard this weekend will be for so many, a reminder of loss and pain.

I was in Nevada. At home. With my firstborn. I remember watching the news and they played the clip of the planes crashing into the towers over and over and I wanted them to stop, I wanted to turn it off, I wanted to walk away. I could not believe that something like that could happen here, in America. Not in America. But it did. How? Why?

That video clip, the first one they played and the tears of those reporting the news are with me, forever.

So my life is back in perspective and  I am calling all of my loved ones this weekend, to tell them that I love them, that I hold them dear. Because the impossible happened and every day is precious.

I remember.

I cannot forget.

God Bless.



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