Now we are Five

Elli has turned five. It never ceases to amaze me that my children are no longer babies.  With the exception of Chantelle of course.

Elenore is my sunshine, she is bright and happy and smart. When I asked her a few days ago what she thought she was good at, she replied ” jokes, I guess, because everyone says I am funny, but I hate trying to make them up’.

Elenore loves to learn, when she school is over, she grabs her book and does more. When we read, she asks me to help her read it and gets impatient if I try to do it for her.She loves to know.

Elenore is a wonderful big sister, she is always looking out for her baby brother and sister.

She loves music and dancing and laughter.

She is a ray of sunshine that never fails and I am ever so proud of my daughter and the wonderful person she is growing up to be.

Happy Birthday Princess Elli elephant, my shining light, Pumpkin spice, Punky doodle, Aku, Jilly-boo, Dora the explorer, Wumpy girl.



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