A desperate attempt at avoiding the laundry for at least another five minutes.

I try to blog all the time. I really, really do. But the blank screen in front of me erases thought patterns. Usually for days at a time.

The year without  a blog post. Sob, sob.

I am in the process of squishing our large family into an even smaller living area then we were previously living in.  And I am just weird enough to be kind of happy about it. I adore small spaces. Not small dark spaces, just small spaces. Write that down, it is important.

We are adding on 1700 square feet. Three bedrooms, living room and office/home school room and smallish playroom. Am I excited? Um, sort of. Construction zones make me cranky. Mostly because I cannot play with the nail gun and feed the baby at the same time, sadly someone has to keep the kids away from dangerous areas. Stupid. Were is the feminist movement when you need it? Why the assumption that the mom will tend the children? Why?! Why?!

(S: Because you want to play with the nail gun, not actually work)

Crap. Point made.

School is whatever. This has been the year of reading and math drills, pretty much all of my carefully laid plans for school were eaten by the hamster.

2011 needs to end. I am sick and tired of 2011. For the first time in my entire life I plan to party hard on New Years Eve, not because I am ever so excited for 2012, I will just be gleeful that 2011 is dead and gone.

I have turned into a growly bear. I like bears so I am okay with that. A Kodiak bear, not a Maine black bear, Maine bears are cute and somewhat approachable*, Kodiak bears not so much.

*Do not ever approach a black bear (or any bear) the cuteness is bait, as in “Honey look at dis adoooble beary wary……..ahhhhhh wheres my arm!!!!!”

Ha, Ha. Maybe I am a black bear.

A postcard I made for 2011, because I care and because I am supposed to be grading a math test.



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