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Too old for naps.

Chantelle, at the ripe old age of five months and five days has decided napping is for three week olds. Oh dear Lord, I pray it isn’t so. We are due for a Rip Van Winkle style nap now. Now. Amen. Chantelle has been awake since 6:30 AM, she had a 20 minute nap at 4:00 this afternoon and at 10:58 PM she is wide awake and going strong. People, she isn’t even cranky.

Chantelle wants to crawl, walk, run and start stuffing all those teeny tiny toys my children collect into her mouth,  but her legs and arms have different ideas, thankfully.  She is five months going on three years.  We love her.

The children pray nightly that daddy will be able to finish there bedrooms soon. God, in his infinite wisdom, is either against construction or has a funky sense of humor, because every time Joff has more then three hours to work it rains. Pours. Not even kidding. It has become a sad, sort of joke around here.

Joff: Boss called, wants to know if I can work Thursday?

Me: Yea that would be great, it is supposed to rain Thursday, so no problems. You can take (insert any day of the week) off instead.

Thursday arrives, bright, clear, and beautiful. Day Joff chose to take off? Yep, it rains.

So work on the house is slow, but I have been taking pictures and it has been coming along, however slowly. Joff finished the framing for the living room and after checking it out, we both agreed it will be bigger then we had imagined. So okay with me. Joists go up for the second story next and then framing for the roof. It will be done eventually.

Christmas is in only 9 days! I am not ready. Mentally anyway, Christmas really snuck up on me this year. But we are having fun and the kids have been working hard earning money to buy each other gifts. It is fun to hear them give each other hints and beg for more hints. We have a tiny, but adorable fake tree this year, due to space constrictions, but we all love it. It is so much fun to see them sitting there staring at the tree, holding a present on thier lap, just wondering at the magic of the season. There is something more about Christmas presents. I generally am a giant grinch at Christmas time, but over the years the children have shown me what Christmas is really about. So I am learning to love Christmas. Another awesome part of having children:).

11:43 PM. Chantelle has finally gone to sleep. It is a Christmas miracle!



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