I created a Naughty/Nice chart this morning. The children assured me it was pointless as they are never naughty. I believe they are telling me I am delusional. Well delusional or not there are only so many times in a day that I can tolerate war screams, death rattles and political whining.  From the children.

Impressed by my chart and wanting to prove there point, we have a balance of mostly “Nice”. Mostly as there was a attack from the rear whilst serving dinner that resulted in spilled juice. For some reason, asking someone to pass the juice is much, much harder then crawling across the table and over heads and dishes of food. I fight a losing battle some days.

The family, with the exception of Chantelle and I, are off to the church to demonstrate a Family Home Evening lesson. Chantelle is sleeping and I am allowing her to do so as she has developed a cold and she is only five months old. Also I do not believe in waking sleeping babies. Ever. Never. Ever.

In addition I suffer from, mind numbing, nausea inducing, panic attack, black out worthy performance anxiety. This might come as a surprise to some, but it is oh so painfully true. Just the thought that I might have had to go tonight makes me want to bolt to the bathroom.

Had to take a break and go look at lolcats to calm me down…..

That is what the kids say,every time.
My reply……..

(Pretend you can hear Evil Laughter)

I love my kidlets.



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