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Annnnnnd Christmas

I have a list of Goals. That I made way back in August (Waaaaay back when it was warm and sunny). I usually re-evaluate my goals and resolutions (hate, hate that word) In August.

August for two reasons:

1. My birthday is in August and that is when I am starting a new year,  a brand new age that will never come again and I need plenty of time to either screw it up or make it awesome.

2. I don’t need some bossy, drunk Holiday to dictate when I should resolve to eat right and make nice with the relatives, you know, just in case.

New Years eve is like a mob boss, but instead of breaking your legs when you have not lost 26 lbs by the middle of next week, he cripples you with agonizing guilt. I don’t run with that kind of crowd. No sir.

But this year, given new circumstances, I find myself pulling out my notebook and looking over my goals for year 28. And scratching out half of them. Scribbling in new ones. Amending others. Like:

1. Shower at least once a month.

2. Breathe deeply.

3. But not too deeply, if the shower is a still a few weeks off.

4. Buy a chocolate factory and move in.

5. Wash all the socks.

Wait, wrong year.

WoW! I did not do too badly that year…….

Ahhh okay here it is.

1. Buy a 15 passenger van and play chicken with at least one semi.

2. Stain and finish the floors in the new house. (Amendment, don’t get high on the fumes, dratted pregnancy.)

3. Teach the children something over the course of the 2011-2012 school year.

4. Eat more avacodoes.

5. Buy a pair of really cute boots.

6. Adopt a puppy and try not to cry when he chews up said cute boots.

7.  Buy a chocolate factory and move in.

8. Be nice. At least try.

A brand spanking new goal is a post a day for the next week. I miss my blog. I don’t have to be civilized here.

There are of course a whole slew more. But this post is about Christmas . Or something.



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