I find my own shortcomings wildy entertaining.

I wrote yesterday, for reals and trues. I just happened to be writing after bedtime, my bedtime which is pretty darn late. Anywhoo I fell asleep on the keyboard and ended up with a draft that looked like an angry cat had tried to murder the keyboard.

So I wrote about how I have decided I am not the world traveling sort (ooooh, exciting!)

And that Caleb and I had discovered a smallish pond to skate on, we pretended to be deadly ninja’s, based on the thin cracks that followed me around I was more killer sumo wrestler.

Back to today.

Caleb was found behind the couch, munching on something, except he had nothing in his adorable little paws, I said, Caleb what are you doing, his reply, oh, you know, eating imaginary chicken. Maybe I should go grocery shopping?

And now I would like to talk about my bad habits. Most of which are also some of my favorite habits.

Sleeping. One might think that this would be a good thing, but according to Alice, who informed me today that I (me!) loved to sleep more then anything. Close Alice, but if I could perfect sleeping whilst eating chocolate we would have a winner.

Spending time on the computer. I am not sure this is as bad a habit as some like to claim. I spend more time then I should but not enough for my liking. No intervention required.

Junk food. Again, maybe not as bad as people think? I think it seems worse then it is because I do not eat three square meals a day. More like snacks, dinner and then a few more snacks. I do sometimes eat lunch and/or breakfast, most especially if  I am out or visiting and it is offered. Really, if it was a toss up between a tomato and a bag of chips? Tomato wins hands down. Iced milk or a pop? Iced milk, easy. Chocolate or anything else? Chocolate.

Not eating right. See above.

Laziness. I am not lazy, I am laid back. Pick your priorities kind of girl. That shelf that has not been dusted in two years  you ask? Why are you inspecting my shelves and really if you insist on doing so here is a duster thingy, still in the package. Have fun. ( I am sort of lazy, do you want to vaccum while you are at it?)

Consistency. Finally, a bad habit that really bugs the life out of me. I am not a consistent sort of soul, I have started and finished many things quite succesfully, but over all, starting and sticking with it, is not my fine point. This flaw is something I work on daily. (hmmmmm, maybe not so bad as I thought.)

Those are good enough for tonight. I adore visiting  my lesser self, so I shall return to it in the future.

Now to bed, before the angry cat comes back for a second try at the keyboard.

I don’t know who’s cat this is, but for there own safety I hope they never tried to bathe fluffykins again.



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